PrimeHealth Cancer Care

Enjoy a fuller life with total peace of mind
  • Comprehensive cancer protection with total benefits of up to $2,500,000
Plan features
  • Easy Enrollment No Medical Examination Required
  • Up to $2,000,000 Cancer Benefit
  • Up to $500,000 Extra Cancer Benefit
  • Coverage of Carcinoma-in-situ / Early Stage Cancer
  • Guaranteed Renewal
  • 3 Plan Options
This is a basic plan.
The above contains general information and is for reference only. It does not form part of the policy and does not contain the full terms of the policy. Please refer to the Terms and Benefits of the policy for benefit coverage, exact terms and conditions and exclusions.
1) This application of the policy meets your insurance objective for preparation for health care needs?
2) To meet your “health care needs” objective indicated above, would you wish to fulfil any feature / features of medical insurance products listed below?
  1. Getting insurance protection for further healthcare needs
  2. Increasing expenses for medical and healthcare service
  3. Loss of income during hospital confinement
3) Are you looking for the non-indemnity product to meet your objectives mentioned above?

Underwriting Questions

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